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The SUSTEEN project aims at sustaining SMEs active in a given set of sensitive sectors becoming more environmentally performing by:
- increasing their own awareness of their environmental impact and of the benefits they may get from adopting environmental friendly attitudes;
- helping them achieving for free environmental value added services.


The project will mainly target SMEs belonging to the following priority sectors:
- production and processing of metals
- food industry
- manufacturing of electronic/electric equipments
- waste management chemical industry
and being based in one of the following regions: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (France), Liguria, Piedmont region (Italy), Transylvania region (Romania), Basque country (Spain) and Gothenburg region (Sweden).


Besides raising-awareness actions to promote environmental friendly behaviours and to spread knowledge on funding opportunities, the core part of SUSTEEN project relies on the delivery of individualised environmental services to SMEs. By means of cooperation agreements with selected regional Environmental Service Providers, partners will be able to provide interested SMEs with free consultancy on environmental issues and free of charge environmental audits.

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